Low Histamine Eating

If you’ve been reading some of my recent posts you’ll know that over the last month or so I have been trying to follow a low histamine diet and some of you have been asking why?

It’s a long story but basically I had never been allergic to anything in my life and then everything changed a couple of years ago and I started sneezing, my eyes were always watering and I had a constant drip from the end of my nose! So unattractive! I thought it was all manner of things from wine to cleaning products and having tried to eliminate various things with no success I started taking an anti-histamine every day.  

But then it stopped working. So last year I spoke to a nutritional therapist called Marion Boulter at NatureDoc and she suggested a low histamine “cleanse” which I duly did. I gave up booze and sugar for 2 weeks and then removed all the other high histamine foods for 6 weeks. And it worked – I no longer had any symptoms at all.  RESULT! I felt a million dollars and went back to eating normally with my family and didn’t look back.

However, during lockdown 1 I began to notice a sneeze and a sniff but stupidly ignored the signs and so slowly everything mounted up and I was back to square one again. 

So right now I am doing another cleanse in the hope that I will once again rid myself of the symptoms and then be able to return to my normal balanced diet. To be honest I’ve been a bit rubbish until now and that’s because it’s really tough! But after a particularly bad night’s sleep (3 hours total) I realised that I needed to grow up and get a grip. If I really wanted to stop being full of snot I had to get militant. No more sneaking in a square of chocolate or sips of wine and certainly no tomatoes or sushi dipped in soy sauce. I’ve got to remember it should only take six weeks to cleanse my system which in the grand scheme of things just isn’t that long.

So last Sunday with the new lockdown looming I decided to start. But good god it really is hard. And it’s hard for so many reasons – from a habit perspective and an enjoyment perspective and for me from a work perspective.  I am not allowed alcohol, refined sugars, refined flours and anything fermented or acidic, no fiery spices and no cheese and NO leftovers. And you know me and how I love to use up a leftover!  And I haven’t even mentioned no fresh fish and no aged meat.

Excluding these ingredients is so restrictive but on the up-side there are a lot of things on my list of low histamine ingredients that I can eat. I just have to get creative and use herbs and spring onions and other things to enliven the palate.

Follow floras_kitchen on Instagram if you think you might benefit from cooking with low histamine ingredients. I try to create plates of food which are nutritionally complete as well as tasty if a little unusual.  Last night I had a plate of quartered Brussels sprouts that I roasted in an hot oven with some peeled cloves of garlic all drizzled with some olive oil and seasoned with s&p. I also added some finely sliced washed leeks and for the last five minutes I added some freshly cooked haricot beans. I topped it off with some pumpkin seeds not only for another texture but also for the additional nutrients. Or you might like to try one of my frittatas with ricotta and sweet potato and pea shoots. Today I have a bowl of chickpeas soaking to use in tonights supper. Just follow and see what I come up with next.

The aim is to be able to eat our normal balanced family diet by Christmas! But this time I will pay a little more attention to those high histamine foods and try not to let my system become overloaded.

Please message me and let me know what you think or if you have any questions.

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