Please Meet Elodie Stanley – Nutrition Matters!

I am hugely excited to introduce Elodie Stanley to you all. Elodie’s knowledge of nutrition never fails to astound me. I just love discussing with her the health benefits gained from understanding exactly how and what we should eat in order to extract the maximum nutritional benefit from our food. And Elodie has certainly done her homework! She has both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in nutrition science and had been advising clients for over 15 years on issues ranging from mild IBS to chronic disease. She is also currently doing a PhD at Imperial College examining the role of diet and environment in the development of cancer.

Elodie and I have been brought together by one major common denominator – an eagerness to share with others everything we’ve learned about food and how it impacts on our health. We have decided to collaborate and create some wonderful new courses for all ages.

I have come to truly appreciate the spongelike brains our children are blessed with and their ability to absorb a mass of information – so long as it’s relevant and interesting to them! Facts they love are things like ‘did you know that a cup of chopped red pepper has more than three times as much Vitamin C as an orange?’

Collaborating with Elodie means that we can incorporate more fascinating and relevant facts such as this into all our established courses. For example all the students joining us for Teen Cooking: Italian this Easter will be given recipes that include Elodie’s Nutritional Notes. Lucky things!

It also means that we will be designing courses around chosen themes. We will introduce days such as Eating For Longevity and Protective Cooking for adults and for my teenagers we will be running courses such as Brain Food, Stress Less, Sleep Easy. The recipes will be full of ingredients to support these themes, as well as having nutritional notes to transfer to other dishes.

And then of course there are the bespoke days! While in the past these have always been designed to suit your own unique taste requirements or to learn certain techniques, now we can design days which will target any specific nutrition needs you may have and we will illustrate how your health can benefit in the long term.

I couldn’t be more excited! Please email me any time to discuss.

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