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We warrant that  your details will not be disclosed by Flora’s Kitchen to any third party for any purpose.

To the extent that our software system permits, we will remove your name from our databases upon request. In agreeing to allow your details to be stored in the first instance you recognise that we may retain your postcode information (without the property address) for our own statistical purposes.

Newsletters sent out by Flora’s Kitchen will contain the means of allowing you to unsubscribe from that mailing list.

Flora’s Kitchen is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office for storing personal data, registration number ZA154829.  


Every student in our care deserves to be protected from the misuse of photographic and video images of themselves taken whilst they attend classes.


It is our policy to use photographs taken at Flora’s Kitchen to support the student’s learning and also to record student’s individual progress. Photographs recorded in class as part of a normal day are taken using a digital camera and are taken by members of the staff team and other students on the course and their families who may attend Flora’s Kitchen.

Additional photographs may be taken by an outside photographer during courses and events the school may have. In the case of outside agencies taking photographs for marketing purposes, then usually via the Booking and Consent Form, Flora’s Kitchen will seek written, parental permission from families that they agree for their child to be included. Should a parent prefer their child not to take part then any images taken will be deleted. Individual children will not be included if written permission is not given by the child’s family.


Photographs and videos are taken to:

  • Support the learning of each child’s individual record
  • lllustrate work in progress and completed projects
  • Demonstrate skills acquired 
  • Record attendance of the course
  • Use in on-going marketing of the school

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