The Rule of Six and Social “Bubbles”!

So we’re in another restricted phase of life living with Covid-19.   With four sons we have been pretty self-sufficient for entertainment but our boys have gone back to school and uni and life feels so quiet with them gone. It was a bittersweet moment watching them go – in one way a relief that their education could continue and they could live amongst their friends and contemporaries once again and have some fun, but the sorrow of knowing that we might not ever be together again for that amount of time made me sit back and take stock and I did feel sad.

But now we are able to catch up with some friends. What a wonderful thing it is to know that six is the maximum number you can “entertain”!  We don’t have people for supper very often at all and we don’t go out often either but lunch has always been our thing and with four kids it has often ended up quite large. But now with the Rule of Six everything is very different. People come knowing it will be small, cosy, low key and intimate, no longer with any pressure to have a large number of people lined up. Cooking for six is actually very manageable and you have a choice of how to go about feeding everyone depending on your mood, budget and time restraints.  It can either be relaxed with a simple one pot risotto or you can pull out the stops and cook something more sophisticated than the normal family staple.

But better still is that I have been able to open up my kitchen again to some students. I have had such fun teaching family and friendship “bubbles”. My classes are always small with six being my maximum so it feels no different from life before Covid. I’ve had evening classes followed by supper and mornings followed by lunch and both feel like such a huge treat. Maybe the upside to this whole thing is learning to create special moments and taking the time to savour them. I certainly am. Long may such appreciation continue.

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